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                Kaisa Group Wechat

                • For enquiries related to Kaisa investors, please contact:

                  Investor Relations


                • For enquiries related to human resources, please contact:

                  Human Resources


                • For media enquiries, please contact:

                  Public Relations


                • For enquiries related to corruption report, please contact:

                  Auditing & Supervision


                • For enquiries related to projects for investment, please contact:

                  Investment Department


                • Kaisa Group Headquarter

                  Suite 2001, 20/F, Two International Finance Centre, No.8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong

                  33/F, Kerry Centre, Renmin South Road, Luohu, Shenzhen

                Apartment & Office

                China is rapidly entering the era of trillion housing. The demographic change, the saturation of housing demand and the slow down urbanization have contributed to the process of stock real estate. Kaisa grasps the opportunity of the era of stock housing, early goes into the market. Based on the system support and superior resouces, Kaisa implements a development strategy upon both M&A and self-construction to make a strong push into the business area of rental apartment and co-working. 

                Apartment & Office

                Location:2901, Kerry Center, Renmin South Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen


                Joint Office

                Based on 13 years of commercial real estate operating experience,Kaisa operates by the concept of business, takes cultural shaping as the core competitiveness, and takes its own property as the basis, while cooperating with Baidu, Houses and other external professional organizations. It integrates innovative business resources, shares the growth dividend and is committed to creating joint office space of all elements and communization.  

                Long-rental Apartments

                In order to follow the strategic direction of “speeding up the cultivation and development of housing rental market”, Kaisa has actively arranged long rental apartment market to build reliable-quality and cost-effective living space for urban youth so as to create a warm, stylish personality experience.